Activities and Workshops at Bethany and Beyond

Even if your loved one is receiving professional care at Bethany, you may find it difficult to navigate the range of emotions you feel or know what to expect as the months progress. You’re still a very key part of their care and we want to support you through this process too.

Other resources: ADRC and the Waupaca Coalition. Bethany frequently partners with the Aging and Disability Resource Center and is a member of the Coalition.

Support Groups

We offer free classes and different support groups for the community to attend as a way to give back to the community. We welcome all family members as well as guests and visitors to our campus. Find out more about our Support Groups below.

If you provide assistance for a relative, partner, friend or neighbor with a chronic or disabling condition, you are not alone! Eighty percent of people requiring assistance are cared for at home with the help of people just like you. This is no easy task and can often leave caregivers feeling overwhelmed, tired and like no one understands.