About Bethany’s Outreach

By understanding the needs in our community we continue to establish programs at Bethany and utilize our team as a community resource. Our outreach goal is to not only provide information and assistance to the community but to find new areas to direct future attention.

Bethany has many goals for its residents and staff including more expansion and projects in the future. Because we’re already such a large campus and growing in many ways, we have two Community Outreach Coordinators on our campus. Both coordinators work closely to create The Best Care Always at Bethany.

Community Outreach Coordinators: Erin Helgeson & Casey Brown

The two Community Outreach Coordinators utilize their public relations skills to promote awareness, fundraise and organize events that benefit Bethany. They both work directly with members of the community to educate people and explain the importance of a particular cause. The Community Outreach Coordinators are involved with local community events as Bethany relies on the public’s support to meet its goals.

Erin Helgeson -Community Events


Erin’s primary focus as a Community Outreach Coordinator is fundraising. She actively seeks opportunities on campus as well as planning or participating in community events.

Contact: (715)942-1462 or email her at ErinH@bethany-home.com

Casey Brown -Community Education



As a Community Outreach Coordinator that focuses on education, Casey’s main project is encouraging the community to use Bethany as a resource. We offer a variety of free support groups every month right on campus.

Contact: (715)942-1441 or email her at CaseyB@bethany-home.com