Care for the Caregiver


If you provide assistance for a relative, partner, friend, or neighbor with a chronic or disabling condition, you are not alone! Eighty percent of people requiring assistance are cared for at home with the help of people just like you. This is no easy task and can often leave caregivers feeling overwhelmed, tired, and like no one understands. Bethany facilitates a Caregiver Support Group monthly at the Senior Center in Waupaca. 

Even if your loved one is receiving professional care through Bethany’s skilled nursing home, rehabilitation department, or assisted living apartments, you may also find it difficult to navigate the range of emotions you feel or know what to expect as the months progress. You are still a very key part of their care and we want to support you through this process too. Our Outreach Department also facilitates a monthly support group for families of our residents.


Maintaining an independent lifestyle or providing care for relatives and friends with disabilities can be a challenge. Bethany’s services can help you remain safely at home following an illness, hospitalization, or short-term rehabilitation stay. Additionally, if you or someone you know has a worsening chronic condition, staying at home can be an option longer when you use our Outreach Services.

Share the Care Coordination: Many times family and friends want to help in a time of need but don’t know how, and often the person who needs help doesn’t want to be a burden to those who say, “Just let me know if you need anything.” Bethany can help you identify your needs and bring together a group of people who truly want to help with Share the Care Coordination. This successful model creates a strong support network among caregivers and leads to making a profound difference in people’s lives.

Visit Share the Care For more information. To find out how Bethany can help you start a Share the Care group, contact Bethany or the Aging and Disability Resource Center at (715)258-6400.