Crystal River Trail

What is the trail?

The trail is a walking path through woods and wetland along the serene Crystal River on Bethany’s campus providing a direct connection into nature. Both boardwalk, paved trail and natural surfaces are designed to provided safe access by foot or wheelchair. Convenient rest areas provide perfect opportunities for bird watching and fishing.

    • Walk along the boardwalk

      Walk along the boardwalk

    • Soak up the views

      Soak up the views

    • Take a new journey

      Take a new journey

    • Learn about nature

      Learn about nature

    • Rest along the way

      Rest along the way

    • Wheelchair and scooter accessible

      Wheelchair and scooter accessible

    Crystal River Trail Brochure
    Your tax-deductible donations will help make our dream of completing this trail reality. Please consider a gift in memory or honor of someone you love.
    For more information about donations call (715)942-1457.