Restaurants Available at Bethany

Bethany has two restaurants available right on campus. One is the Bleu Barn, which offers a rustic feel featuring genuine sandwiches, deli foods, pizza, and pastas. The other choice is the Fireside Grill, this one offers a very comfortable and cozy dining setting with home cooked meals.

Foodservice Department of the Year Award 2017

Bleu Barn

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About the Bleu Barn

The Bleu Barn offers a variety of unique meals; cheese is a guarantee for most of the options, with bleu cheese being a specialty. (After all this is Wisconsin, cheese makes any meal gourmet.) The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, it is available for all residents and also guests to purchase and enjoy.

What makes the Bleu Barn even more remarkable is its wood stone oven. This creates a perfect pizza crust and precisely melts the cheese to a flawless melt.

The Bleu Barn has many different crepes, egg frittatas, and burritos for breakfast. You can also try many different kinds of sandwiches, pizzas, and pastas for other meals. The restaurant also offers soupe du jour, salads, and don’t forget dessert!

Download Bleu Barn Menu Frozen Pizza Available

Fireside Grill

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About the Fireside Grill

The Fireside Grill offers unlimited made-to-order meal options for anyone at Bethany. Every meal is specialized to the individual and prepared with fresh ingredients daily. The restaurant is available all day and the menu is just the start of the many possibilities.

Each day the Fireside Grill has a featured special for every meal, in addition to the menu. Friday nights have a wonderful fish fry option. The menu has a broad range of choices including fireside omelets, Wisconsin cheese curds, chicken Caesar salads, turkey BLT sandwiches, homemade cheesecake, and much more!

The menu also displays healthy choices and gluten free options, plus house favorites.

Download Fireside Grill Menu Download Fireside Grill To-Go Menu