Directing Bethany’s Future

The Board of Directors shall have general control and general management of the Corporation as limited by vote of the Corporation or by law. They will have full responsibility for the budgetary and fiscal management of the Corporation. They shall possess all the powers which could be exercised by the Corporation at meetings duly called for the specific purpose.

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to transmit proposed changes in the facility’s mission statement, or proposed amendments to it’s articles of incorporation, constitution, or by-laws, affecting corporate membership, nonprofit status, dissolution clause, board elections and board membership criteria to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for review and comment.

Bethany Board of Directors

  • Jeff Oestreich
  • Paul Onan
  • Robert Nygaard
  • Vicky Groth
  • Pastor Bil Sutlief
  • Wayne Luck
  • Wilson Roane
  • Glen Bullick
  • Dale Wilson