Campus Amenities

Bethany has many different amenities throughout the campus for residents and even guests to enjoy everyday. The campus is growing in many different ways, with endless possibilities. We look forward to adding a thrift store, full gift shop, refreshment bar and more!

Currently Bethany offers two dining facilities, massage therapists, gym memberships, a beauty shop and multiple church services.

  • The Bleu Barn and Fireside Grill restaurants are available everyday for anyone living at Bethany. Each have unlimited meal choices.
  • Massage therapist is available by appointment and is on campus every Friday, with multiple massage options.
  • The Springs is a community gym and wellness center that has much more to offer beyond physical health. There are always additional activities and classes to join every month.
  • At the beauty shop you can schedule anything from a mustache trim to a stylish up-do.
  • The Chapel offers multiple church services each week along with a quiet space for people to have themselves.