Heartwood; Dementia Care

The heartwood of a tree is the central core around which the annual concentric rings grow. These annual rings symbolize the layers of memories formed over the years of our lives. Through Dementia and Alzheimer’s, some of these layers of memory break down and are lost, but the central core, the heartwood, of a person remains.

Therapy nurse helping a Bethany resident with a crossword puzzle

Heartwood is a part of Spruce Ridge, as well as The Pines, CBRF. Heartwood is a secure part of these two living options that support residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Nursing and activity personnel have been provided with specialized training to support and enhance the needs of people suffering from memory impairment. Residents are assisted with memory care and are nurtured toward their highest level of independence.

For further information, or to plan a visit and a tour, please contact our admission staff at (715)412-0169.

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